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It depends on what you want to do and what your other options are. If you want a front-office hedge fund role, please see this article for tips on how to get there:. You really want something where you do actual investment analysis and recommendations. Thanks for the article , it has been a big help to me.

I recently graduated and have been working in Treasury in a retail bank Treasury Risk and Control. I recently signed on to do my masters at a top tier university and will be completing my CFA level 1 in the coming months. I may have the choice between two career paths , either a front office capital markets analyst for a small retail bank or a middle office operations job under prime brokerage, at a large investment bank. Which role if either offer greater prospects of a front office role either in a hedge fund or investment management firm?

Anything front-office-related is better than anything middle-office-related if your goal is the front office. Prime brokerage can sometimes lead to hedge fund roles, but usually not in investment analyst positions. Hi Nicole, Many thanks for the article. I do not have any finance work experience whatsoever but I have been trading equities and managing my own long-only equities portfolio for 5 years. I am in between either pushing for a PE role in future or taking a risk and going for the HF job now.

I have a good chance to start trading slowly in the HF in a couple of months as well.

I would really appreciate it, if you could give me your thoughts. Which one would you go for? Thanks again. Seems like you have plenty of options.

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It is hard to give you a definite answer based on your comment alone. I think pushing for PE can be tougher without the relevant IB experience. However, you can always make use of your current HF role and move to front office down the line. Great article!! I love alternative investments and to pursue my interest have enrolled in CAIA with a hope to be able to move to front office. Is there any hope for me?

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Recently, the client invest into derivative instrument called interest rate swap IRS. Can anyone recommend some good book for me so I can learn more about this topic? Thank you. I am currently an Corporate Finance Analyst at a small boutique. I have been offered a PE administration analyst job. There is no much progression in my current role and I always want to work in PE. Is it possible for me to move from a PE admin to a front office role in a PE fund? Do you think I should take the job? Yes it is possible if your fund is small and you can be involved in deals during that time.

I am thinking if that experience would give me more exposure in the PE industry and help me land a FO PE job…or would you think my current role is more relevant? Base on everyone expertise, could you share your opinion whether it is FO or BO? Assist with the development and necessary revisions of fund marking materials, including investor presentations, private placement memorandums, portfolio company case studies, due diligence questionnaires, et al. Coordinate distribution materials between offices across multiple clients.

Manage both internal and external document databases. Selectively assist with due diligence and research process prior to formal engagement of fund managers. This is comical, Exeter. What to do next? I am the type of people who are mentioned in this article. Next week, I am joining the accounting and operations group as an intern at a local hedge fund that has about 23 billion dollars under management. After reading your article, I got extremely concerned about my career because I am looking to get into IB or Corporate banking for the full time job.

As you mentioned, back office roles do not have much overlap with banking jobs so I would imagine it would be extremely difficult for me to compete in the full-time recruiting against others who have banking experiences. Regarding my situation, I hope to get some advice from you in terms of things that I should do over the summer ways to prepare for the full-time recruiting. Thank you for reading my comment and look forward to hearing from you. Yes back office roles can be tough.

If there are any industry events, attend them.

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What role do you think has more potential, this IR role or get into a fund accouting or financial reporting role? Great post!

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I have an offer from a mid sized hedge fund to do operations work and to install a new trading system. Do you think that this back office hedge fund will give me more opportunities to advance to front office than my current role? The risk at the HF may be higher though there may be higher chance that you can move to the FO since the fund is smaller than the big bank. However, you may still remain in middle office unless you learn the ropes of trading, and be given a chance to trade in the future at your new role.

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Great, well-written piece. I know that your article was focused on front office roles, but I was wondering if given your experience in the hedge fund world, if you have any advice for seeking an Investor Relations role? How do hedge funds tend to hire for this role? Thanks for your input. I got a summer internship at a quant hedge fund. The title is securities reference and data and is said to be in the IT division. Does this seem like middle office? I graduated with a finance degree in a city college. This is going to be my 3rd year here.

I feel very limited in this fund. There is no promotion available and no room for growth. Trade activities are low. Will this certificate give me a hedge in future jobs? Just one thing that kind of worries me is that Mercer is mainly known for its HR consulting practice, and me being labeled the HR guy. Do you guys think it would be a good move to switch now, or stay at this BB and try to look for something better? I just received an offer for an internship as an Investor relations administrator at Citco funds- a hedge fund administration co.

I am a final year finance student. Does this role help in career progression, seeing that this role is primarily administrative but with a lot of communication roles with the investors. The fact that I am yet to land up with an internship being an international student it has been difficult to get an internship due to visa regulations , do I accept it?

The offer is for IR……With this role, will it help me in future for more technical roles like analyst or in risk mgmt areas.. You might want to stick with the official name of that group and explain what you did well on your resume and interview.

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You can even elaborate what that group does in the first line of your work entry. In interviews, yes, they will ask. Generally as Nicole said you want to stick with the official name. Do you think technology will be replacing these jobs and I will therefore be better off looking elsewhere in finance or is it safe to pursue trading? Thank you! I have to disagree, though, that back office means less hours and pressure. Also, once you understand trading processes, there are plenty of opportunities with prestigious consulting firms who deal w clients looking to improve their strategies and operations.

Just want to say thanks for your honest approach and for not shitting all over FO hopefuls like some other writers and websites out there. What are your thoughts of working in confirmations department for derivatives e. IRS and the possibilities to move to FO. One still deals a lot with FO and has to know everything about the specific products. I trade my own portfolio, am in investment club.

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