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I can just about do lab work, but fiction proves almost impossible unless my environment is calm and tidy. I can revise fiction anywhere say, looking at hardcopy on a crowded tube train , but the initial creation phase is very delicate, for me. A certain somewhat famous scientist in these parts was once well chuffed when the Prime Minister, visiting the lab of her supervisor at the time, remarked on her messy desk as being a sign of a hard-working person.

When my supervisor moved to another university across the country in , I made darn sure that thing got packed, believe me. Net result: shiny floors, and heaps of garbage and dust bunnies hidden under the benches. The cleaning lady also used to mop the carpet in my office, no word of a lie. I remember at one particular place the floor used to be polished without being cleaned first.

It was a bizarre as you might imagine. Insects preserved in amber had nothing on this. He was a slob too at least in the lab. I am a neat freak with bad OCD. I would almost literally follow him round shutting cupboards and closing drawers behind him. My timer was set to 10, 30 and minutes. Unfortunately, this is not a joke. Is there any order to speak of?

We could never find orange ones. Ha ha. That reminds me. We had a little microfuge that was broken such that you could spin it with the lid off. This meant you could put primary colored eppies in it, and spin, and make the other colours. Cool, eh? I only seem to get points for the volume-order pipettors. I would almost literally follow him round shutting cupboards and closing drawers behind him When my sister comes to babysit she goes round our house straightening the pictures on the walls.

I want to throttle her. It only just hit me how sad it is to have pre-sets on your lab timer. Where is the spontaneity? It adds a bit of frisson to the daily grind. I once read. When the box is full, I get another box. Also — what kind of fancy-ass timers do you lot have? Preset times? When I was in the lab, they had an on-off button, and you had to set the time every single time you used it. Also — coloured Eppies? I have used really ugly dark brown Eppies before… designed for light-sensitive reagents I suppose. No, they were the sort that when they run out of batteries, you spend the rest of the day digging in drawers in the lab looking for replacements.

I had a timer with four different times on it. Brilliant strategy, Cath. Two of my bosses regularly get calls on their cell phones when in seminars or group meetings. One colleague of mine used to get so bored with group meetings that— but no. Another illusion shattered. He has to have unimportant clutter to relax in! Technically milk is a bit acidic, so adding to tea is entirely above reproof. I can still remember the order of the cranial nerves thanks to a mnemonic taught to me by my A-level biology teacher.

Definitely, add tea to milk. The perfect combination, after some years of experiment, is Darjeeling tea added to skimmed milk. Skimmed milk. I mean, why?

See a Problem?

Jenny: I never remember my home phone because I never dial it. My mobile number on the other hand is ludicrously easy to remember.

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Everyone has about half a bench some a whole bench or two — usually based on seniority and slobbery. So which end of the spectrum are you, Craig? I seem to have a blind spot when it comes to mnemonics. Oh yes, I meant to shout that out like Eva did — Acid to Water. Easy way to remember — drop the beaker of HCl into a sink full of water.

They have to defeat the slack. They have to recycle. They have to recycle to defeat the slack.

A hankie renaissance will save our throats from sneeze-induced rupture, oh so stylishly

Typing minimal. Jenny: ahh… coloured eppies… I remember asking my old prof for that and my assistant supervisor scoffing and telling me that there were no point in colours at all. Still would like that though. I was taught; SIV a girls name Syra i vatten. I am curious. Obviously I need to repeat the taxonomy rules…. Lazy lost to curiosity. I found out and am still amazed that I forgot class, family and genus. The only mnemonic I remember, from age 11 or so, is the worst one of many I was told I would never forget as long as I live.

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They might have altered the meter, but for sure none rhymes with ablative. Asa, class and family I can understand, but how could you forget genera? I am a bit shocked. While employed in the arrangement of gardens and collections of dried plants, he travelled over the country in search of rare plants. One of the first herbals to appear after , the year considered the beginning of modern botanical nomenclature. Hill also criticizes his contemporary, Linnaeus. Beautifully illustrated and engraved by Hill himself. Martyn, This is the first edition of the first book published in English on the microscope.

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It contains many accurate illustrations of insects, pollen, moss, seeds, etc. He was responsible for the introduction of the word "cell," having observed in cork "little boxes or cells distinct from one another. A treatise on the blood, inflammation, and gun-shot wounds. London, E. Cox, Reprint of the edition, his last work, published the year after his death. It was while serving with the army at Belle Isle during the Seven Years War that Hunter collected the material for his epoch-making book on wound management.

His studies on inflammation in particular are fundamental for pathology.

Learn 12 Cranial Nerves in 5mins (The Easy Way)

Anatomia uteri humani gravidi tabulis illustrata. The anatomy of the human gravid uteris exhibited in figures. Birmingham, John Baskerville, This is William Hunter's best work and one of the finest anatomical atlases every produced, "anatomically exact and artistically perfect" Choulant. A classic of both medicine and book production, Hunter spent more than 25 years and quite a bit of money producing this atlas, printed by John Baskerville, considered the best English printer of the era.

Arcana naturae. Delphis Batavorum, Henricum a Krooneveld, , Leeuwenhoek was one of the greatest microbiologists of all time.

This is part of the collection of his most important writings. He saw protozoa and bacteria and was probably also the first clearly to observe red blood cells. Pyogenic infective diseases of the brain and spinal cord.