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Journey to the Self, One Woman's Self Journey

Kriese Eds. Salkind Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Social class. Stanley Hall. Gunsmoke Family Affair. Silver barons use an actress called Lotta Crabtree Yvonne De Carlo in a plot to hold Joe Cartwright hostage in exchange for timber wood. George Macready guest stars.

Gene L. Coon and David Dortort. A pair of greedy opportunists kill antelope on Indian grounds and sell them for a large profit. Barry Sullivan and Karl Swenson guest star.

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Christian Nyby. John Larch and Inger Stevens guest star. A sinister trader starts a war with the Paiutes when he frames Adam for the assault of two Indian women. Harold Shumate. Joe falls for a madam called Julia Bulette Jane Greer. Alan Hale Jr. Donald S. The Cartwright boys suspect actress Adah Menkin Ruth Roman of having an ulterior motive for marrying their father. A silver baron schemes to promote a fight between Ben and his neighbor just to get his hands on timber. James Coburn guest stars. Adam and Joe attempt to stop a posse from changing into a lynch mob.

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Robert E. Ben is seriously wounded as he and Hoss seek help in fighting the vengeful Morgan brothers, only to be confronted with cowardice.

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  • Celebrating the Wrath of God: Reflections on the Agony and the Ecstasy of His Relentless Love!

Whitney Blake and Harry Carey Jr. Adam is falsely accused of killing a dance-hall girl Fay Spain. Buddy Ebsen and Jean Willes guest star. Joe and Hoss protect a pregnant Indian woman from a blizzard as well as a group of Shoshones given orders to find her. Raymond Bailey guest stars. Joe and Hoss go south lands to buy a unique bull.