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The request was made on. Any questions about the status of your request should be directed to the publisher contact:. Cristy Watson teaches elementary and middle school. She loves hiking in the mountains and walking along the beach, two things she is able to do easily where she lives in Surrey, British Columbia. For more information, visit cristywatsonauthor.

The straightforward vocabulary makes the book accessible to a wide range of students, but the text is not so simple that it becomes noticeable A great book for struggling readers. Will appeal to a wide range of readers with varying abilities Toby is a well-rounded character Thanks for signing up!

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Please enter your email address and click submit. In both of my accessible, hi-lo novels for middle-grade and YA readers, I incorporated research into the story. But I loved the learning curve I was on and I loved being able to work that information into the story. Research took up a great deal of time but it often led to new ideas and ways for my characters to interact with their unique worlds. And happily, high praise from them, as well! It was wonderful to meet such eager readers of my novel.


Their in-class questions were just as interesting as their printed letters, which I received before the visit and have since responded to individually. I drew the part where Edgar had to talk on camera and we had to draw about something important and I thought that part was important because he was trying to help his dad.

I love that book. Guess I better hurry and write it! I also loved the comparison of my books to others — not sure ALL the praise is deserved but it is definitely appreciated. Here are some of the great compliments:. I have interests in chapter books, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It is just as good as your book! Then plan to come out to South Surrey this Saturday, September 29th and spend some time at the library before heading to White Rock Beach or Crescent Beach for a walk and some sunshine!

I also planned and facilitated a poetry workshop with loads of activities to get even the most reluctant poet inspired! If chosen, I would get to travel to any other province or territory in Canada than my home province of BC. That means seeing new places and meeting new people.

What fun! This is my third time applying. One of the best things to receive as an author, besides great questions from students when you visit their class, like this recent presentation to Queen Mary School, are letters. I have a busy weekend ahead answering the wonderful letters from the grade five students at this lower mainland elementary school. Below are some of my favourite messages from their letters.

What better accolades can one receive than these:. And on this last note, it would be great fun to revisit my characters and give them a follow-up story. I have no shortage of ideas for what book two could entail: from this batch of letters and from previous notes from other students. Please keep reading books and sharing your wonderful messages with us — it is the best part of being an author!

I was reflecting on my year and its many challenges. I was also looking ahead to what I could differently in the coming year.

Orca Currents

I decided at two minutes to midnight that my resolution for would be to write a book. I had done some work for our school district and knew that Orca was publishing the kind of books I wanted to write: books that would appeal even to the most reluctant readers. My resolution was set!

Jump ahead to December 31st, Instead, I am madly writing and finishing the last lines of the story. Exhilarated by the prospect of achieving my goal again, I set a new Resolution for I decided I needed to workshop my completed novel and by the end of the year, send it off to Orca Book Publishers. I also threw in an additional challenge, just for fun. I would write a second book. Now we are at December 31st, I also sent off my query for Benched to Orca a few weeks before the end of the year.

I was amazed at how my Resolutions had helped me finish two books. So, naturally I set my new goals for To be published okay, that was a little out of my control and to write my third novel. I continued my goals each year of writing a new book, and sometimes even finished two. I think I found a great way to ring in the New Year and it has kept me writing and being published, ever since.

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Orca signed with me for Room for and I have hopes for another book with Lorimer. Of course, there are still two other options floating around and I am writing a new book! Now back to work! Today is the release date for Cutter Boy! I am anxious to have a book in my hands. As mentioned in my two previous blog posts, I plan to share the final artist showcased in my novel, through this post.

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