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Jack, Wood Philadelphia: J. Lippincott Co. In Maid Marian and Robin Hood , Robin Hood becomes a vehicle to satisfy the Victorian vogue for medieval romance, and an attendant nostalgia for the simpler days of pre-industrial Britain. First published in and still in print today, the wildly popular Merry Adventures is the classic work of Robin Hood literature for children.

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The novel is a composite, knitting together the traditional material from romance and balladry into a single lively and cohesive narrative. An American Quaker, Pyle helped Robin shed his penny dreadful image to become a character of worth and moral standing, a hero appropriate for consumption by children in upscale illustrated books. Taylor of Rochester, NY has inscribed his name on the flyleaf, claiming ownership of his precious book.

Marilyn Singer b. Lizzie Silver invites the boyish hero of Robin Hood into the lates world of second-wave feminism: the eponymous hero challenges stereotypical gender roles through her obsession with Robin Hood and desire to become one of his merry men, all set against a backdrop of female friendship and adolescent angst.

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The copy on display is signed by the author — complete with a little bow and arrow near the title! This French edition of the Robin Hood tale is one of the many foreign-language books for children to be found in the Robbins library. The painter and engraver Pierre Noury, who illustrated this book, was known for his illustrations in French-language editions of English novels.

Rebecca Barnhouse b. Black, Ltd. Pitz New York: D. Appleton-Century Company, Our collections here at the Robbins are particularly strong in Arthuriana, Robin Hood, and Chaucerian literature, but many other medieval heroes and themes make an appearance as well. Barnhouse tells the story of Joanna, a serving girl in the entourage of the famed and famously difficult English holy woman Margery Kempe, who accompanies her mistress on pilgrimage to Rome.

The other three volumes in this case feature more well-known figures and stories from medieval literature: Siegfried, hero of the German epic the Nibelungenlied , tales from the Celtic Mabinogion , and of course the Anglo-Saxon Beowulf.

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Henry C. Sweet Ladies! Baldwin, James. The Story of Roland. Illustrated by Peter Hurd. Barr, Mike W. Camelot Embellished by Bruce D. Patterson and Terry Austin. Lettered by John Constanza.

Colored by Tatjana Wood. DC Comics Inc. Brady, Charles A. Illustrated by Henry C. Curry, Jane Louise. The Christmas Knight. Macmillan Publishing Company, Dean, Jan. Illustrated by Chris Mould. Hastings, Selina.

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Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady. Illustrated by Juan Wijngaard. Mulberry Books, Hutton, Barbara. Heroes of the Crusades. Illustrated by P. Griffith and Farran, Kimmel, Eric A. The Hero Beowulf. Pictures by Leonard Everett Fisher. Shearwater Books, Lehner, Ernst and Johanna.

Picture Book of Devils, Demons and Witchcraft. Dover Publications, Inc. Lewis, C. Cover illustration by Roger Hane. Pictures adapted from illustrations by Pauline Baynes. Lupack, Barbara Tepa. Illustrated by Debra Joy McWilliams. Round Table Productions, Mooser, Stephen. Meadowbrook Press, Paton Walsh, Jill. Illustrated by Jean Margrie. Puffin Books, ; Pollard, Alfred W.

Sir Thomas Malory. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. The Macmillan Company, Robin Hood: Adapted from the version by Alexandre Dumas.

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Illustrated by Benvenuti. Allen and Co. San Souci, Robert D. Young Guinevere. Illustrated by Jamichael Henterly. Delacorte Press, Serraillier, Ian. Illustrated by Philip Gough. Singer, Nicky. Knight Crew. CB Editions, Strickland, Brad. The Adventures of Wishbone: Be a Wolf! Big Red Chair Books, Tolkien, J.

She eagerly and willingly plays the role of the damsel-in-distress as Skippy playing Robin Hood fights with Lady Kluck playing Prince John to save her, and then takes her into a grove of bushes and trees that represents Sherwood Forest. She also kisses him on the cheek as a way of thanking him and to teach him how a hero should treat his "lady fair". Indeed, it is thought that after Marian and Robin Hood are married, Skippy and Marian develop something akin to a mother-son relationship.

She has Scarlett fur, a cream muzzle and underbelly, pale orange eye patches and brown eyes. Her color palette on her fur is slightly lighter in hue than Robin Hood's. Her primary and most common outfit she wears is a pale-lavender floor-length dress with a matching colored sash holding it in place around her waist and a wide V-shaped collar.

Under the dress, Marian wears a deep pink blouse with large, puffy sleeves that reach halfway down her forearms with matching cuffs. On her high-collar is a Gold brooch with a blue gem probably a sapphire in it held in place with a purple ribbon around her neck, and she wears simple, lavender high-heel pumps.

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On her head, Marian wears a simple, lavender-colored, present shaped headdress that covers her ears and wears a light-pink veil just on top of that. Her wedding outfit is basically a white version of her normal outfit while her brooch remains unchanged. Maid Marian is first seen in the courtyard of Prince John 's castle, playing badminton with her lady-in-waiting, Lady Kluck. She invites a group of children, including Skippy , his two siblings , and friend Toby , to come to her when she discovers Skippy trying to retrieve an arrow, and later finds the rest of them outside the gate.

She is described as being "awful nice" "awfully nice", actually , and the children approach her without fear.