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We, as Englischers , can learn a lot from the Plain People and their simple way of life. Their hard work, close-knit family life, and concern for others are to be applauded.

Abigail Lapp's heart pounded as she raced home as quickly as her hundred-pound frame could carry her. She knew she shouldn't have taken an extra five minutes to speak with Daniel Miller, but she felt she should at least explain to him why she couldn't meet him today.

Her chores must be done. Was Dat home early today? Oh, she hoped it wasn't so.

J.E.B. Spredemann

Abigail gulped hard and nodded silently to her mother. With haste Abigail changed into her chorin' dress and flew out the door. She figured just maybe her punishment might be less severe if she got to the barn quickly. Her hands trembled as she stepped through the creaking door of the old barn. Her eyes widened when she spotted her father sitting on a log holding a leather strap in his rough calloused hands.

The fury in his eyes caused Abigail to quake with fear. The other kinner arrived five minutes ago. You're late! Her father rose from the log and stumbled over to where Abigail stood, glaring down at her with his stern dark eyes.

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She could plainly see that he'd returned home intoxicated — again. You know what to do," he mumbled. Without a word, Abby squeezed her eyelids shut and gripped the handle of the barn door with all her might, silently pleading to God for mercy.

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One, two, three, four, five She reeled from the pain as tears flowed from her innocent blue eyes. I can get through this, she told herself. Finally, the beating was over — for now.

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Now get your work done! She wearily picked herself off the floor and dusted the pieces of hay from the front of her brown cape dress. Cancel anytime. Danika Morales is devastated when tragedy strikes close to home. She is forced to move from her friends and beautiful home in sunny California to Amish country in rural Pennsylvania to live with her estranged uncle.

This surfer girl believes she'll never be able to adjust to a land-locked plain lifestyle, until she meets her new best friend. Still, being an outsider and of a different ethnicity, Danika faces many challenges on her journey to adulthood. What disappointed you about Danika's Journey? Would you ever listen to anything by J. Spredemann again?

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