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When I was 60 years old, I signed up to take classes at a place for blind and visually impaired people. I do have some vision but it is very blurry and I am considered legally blind. I made so many friends at this place and then one day in the cafeteria at breakfast time I met this man and we developed a friendship and then started meeting for lunch in the cafeteria once a week.

I was not looking to meet anybody or to have any relationship. It just happened. He is also legally blind with VisionpSungla that is a little better than mine. He does not drive of course. I thought it was a one time thing and that if we got into a relationship maybe he would stay here once in a while.

But he gradually started coming and that was five years ago and he basically moved himself in here even though he has his own apartment. I receive more money than he does and I end up paying all the bills here While he pays for this other apartment and is here five days out of every week. It is a small one bedroom apartment but it is much nicer and newer than his apartment and I feel like he knew that maybe I had some money and lived in a more comfortable place and that he pretended to be interested so he could move himself in here.

Now my dog has gotten used to him being here and she barks all the time when he Goes back to his apartment for two days every week. I adopted my dog as a puppy and she loves me very much and she never did this I know she still loves me but whenever he leaves for two days I think she is protecting me and just barks all day and all night. This man has disrupted my whole life and has moved into my home and it is very crowded and I have no privacy and there is no intimacy at all we sleep on the couch.

How to Identify Toxic Relationships

It is basically like having a non-paying roommate. Gradually after he started coming here and started coming more often without my consent, he started acting condescending to me and ignoring me and having very poor hygiene like not taking showers or baths and putting on sweaty clothes that he has worn for a day or two and also passing gas and burping in front of me all kinds of offensive behaviors and also interrupting me And ignoring me or not answering when I say something. He has interrupted me in front of other people as well.

Sometimes he talks to me like he is my father and because his vision is a little bit better than mine he acts like I am not all there. This is my home and I am paying all the bills here. I am just so in Barris Nina because everybody knows we got together at this place and I am so embarrassed to break off the relationship for social reasons and embarrassment.

Just like your partner, this man does not care that I am not happy and if I ever try to talk to him about things he immediately shuts down and becomes combative and tells me that I am just imagining things or that I am to blame and he turns everything around.

Like I said I was never in any abusive relationship before. Like I said if I try to talk to him he becomes combative and blames me for everything Orr says I am imagining things. I do not know how to get him not to come as often or not to come at all. I have told him many times I am not your mother and where do you get the idea that I am supposed to support you? But he just brushes it aside. He has a lot of his things here so it is a very awkward Situation. I really do not have family support. Do you have any advice or suggestions?

Change the door locks.

‘I Wish I Had Kissed Him Goodbye’

It is not his place, it is yours. Take it back. Ditto Ann. Put his things in a box outside your front door. Leave for a few days if you feel threatened. Kick the POS user out and dont for one second feel bad for him! Your not alone, you have a support system right here. Your goals are good ones. Get out of the relationship and walk away from the drugs.

If you have a healthcare plan maybe start by calling them. I know there is help out there if you seek it. Be strong and have confidence to do what you feel in your gut is the right answer. It may not be easy, but I believe in you and your resilience. You can do this. Sending prayers and hugs to you. You have not because you asked not. You should trust and believe in God. Have some Faith, and ask him to heal your mind and take those drugs away. Just continue to Pray. I can relate to your pain, disbelief, frustration, anger and heartbreak.

I have felt every emotion along the way.

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He has hurt me in every possible way using my insecurities and integrity against me. In the beginning he treated me like a queen.

The rise and fall of the Inca Empire - Gordon McEwan

Believed in me , complimented me, protected me and in time he gained my trust and devotion. Somehow its those things that keep me stuck and going back. Its a hell like no other A roller coaster ride i want to stop riding. And can for about 6 months and find myself missing him. What i miss is the fake version of him that will never be. But what i can tell you ja that when you get so tired of feeling so ripped apart and have had enough you will find the strength to walk away and not look back For me i have to quit him cold turkey like a drug.

Amazing how our body has a way of telling us how toxic stress is literally eating away at us. Sounds similar to my story Barbara. I learned to use my back and neck as my barometer. Learning to listen to your body is an amazing tool that can be transformational!

Lily Rabe Age

The doctor says is related to a tension headache. Well, for the last few weeks. It affects our kids too, we have 2 boys 15yr old and 8 yr old and a 3 year old little girl. I find myself telling them they need to do whatever chore they need to because daddy will be off at whatever time.

He has narcissist tendencies.

Louis Tomlinson's sister became a 'diet and exercise-driven introvert after their mother's death'

I tried to leave him about years ago but he begged be not to and said he would do better and change. That lasted a few months. I just want to live a happy life with just me and my kids. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Good for you! I broke up with mine 2 Saturdays ago. Then I blamed myself for not leaving sooner and I promptly made myself sick and somehow manifested expensive computer problems.

But I recognize that now and am giving myself permission to heal fully. When he broke another one 2 Saturdays ago, I called it quits, no questions, no regrets. I understand what you said, its never easy but if you see it from the outside, no one deserves to live like that! Hugs for you.. You know… when I read this, I started to think about how much easier it is to breakup with someone who is not blood.

The hard part is with blood family.

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Thank you… to both Kris and Barbara! Plus, family are supposed to be the ones who are there for you always, the stability when other relationships might be failing. I agree, Charlotte!

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My relationship with my mother is toxic, but she has a lot of health problems and needs me to run her to the doctor etc. If I end this relationship, then I am the cold and heartless one ignoring my familial obligations. We moved away from home when I was just out of college my parents and I but my sister stayed and so lives hundreds of miles away. So there is no one else here to help her out.

Sitting Vigil at a Death Bed: A Checklist - On the Way to Dying

Her church friends used to assist some but I think she asked way too much of them and none of them are ever available anymore. He is a good man…. Let her use Uber. Take breaks from her. Being 1 out of 5 siblings, I was the only one who cared for my mother in my home for her last six months of life.

I suffered guilt when I put her in a home for her last week. She was too obese for me to help her when she fell. After she passed, my ovarian cancer came back.