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Websites Explained. Basic Computer Training. After our initial meeting, Jamie came up with a design that resonated with my beliefs.


Jamie was very generous with his time, talking, listening and teaching me how to use the website effectively. I have found Jamie to be friendly, professional and a great communicator, giving me the confidence to take my website from an idea to reality with ease! With a minimum of my own time input, I felt I got a maximum delivery on what I wanted to achieve. The site was built well within the time frame that I had planned and I didn't feel overwhelmed with all of the different choices available in the process.

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The process was completely different to the confusion that I had expected and experienced in the past. I found it a hugely enjoyable experience and I am so happy with the results!

Jamie from Creative Solutions helped me design a new online store, sort out all of my products and really help me organise and plan what I wanted to see at the end of the process, then work to achieve that. Jamie was able to create a brand new, more effective and overall, working site and allowed lots of my own input for any changes I wanted - all for a very reasonable cost! Jamie from Creative Solutions managed to help us group all of our ideas into creative designing sessions so that we had a lot of input on the visual aspects of the website.

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The result was a look that we are really happy with and functioning exactly how we wanted. Don't be afraid to get in touch with us! Even if you are not entirely sure what you want to achieve with your website, or where to with your online business marketing, we can help.

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Book a call now! Creative Solutions Our Services. Website Services. This integration allows the user to take advantage of the flexibility of FileMaker Pro while using an industry standard accounting package familiar to virtually every CPA in America. We've also worked behind the scenes with members of the FileMaker development community, providing technical support and programming services. We've used BIZ Basics templates as the basis for more than custom solutions for clients in a wide range of business environments. Working Solutionz QuickBooks Pro. Contact us You need Creative Solutions!