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Teaching medicine -- Meet the attending -- Building the team -- A safe, supportive environment -- Bedside and beyond -- How to think about thinking -- Role models -- The sacred act of healing -- Putting it all together. Teaching medical professionalism : supporting the development of a professional identity. Cruess and Sylvia R.

Cruess and Richard L. DiCorcia and Lee A. Learman -- Professional identities of the future : invisible and unconscious or deliberate and reflexive? Teaching mindfulness : a practical guide for clinicians and educators. Getting grounded in our own instability -- Chapter 2. A history exercise to locate "mindfulness" now -- Chapter 3. The Person of the Teacher -- Chapter 5.

Organizing the intentions of teaching -- Chapter 7.

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Fulfilling the intentions of teaching -- Chapter 8. Practices and resources. Teaching professional attitudes and basic clinical skills to medical students : a practical guide. Introduction -- 2. Paradigmatic shifts in the theory, practice and teaching of medicine in recent decades -- 3. Teaching behavioral and social sciences to medical students -- 4.

Difficulties in learning and teaching patient interviewing -- 5. Overcoming difficulties in teaching patient interviewing -- 6. Doctor-patient relations -- 7.

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Barriers to doctor-patient communication -- 8. Diagnostic utility of the physical examination and ancillary tests -- 9. Physical-examination skills: learning difficulties -- Learning and teaching physical-examination skills by clinical context -- Recording the clinical data base -- Recording personal and social data and examination of asymptomatic persons -- Recording the patient's history -- Intuitive vs analytic clinical reasoning -- Should clinical training rely on role modeling?. A Teaching program in psychiatry.

Beckett and T. Bleakley -- v. Beckett, E. Domino, and T.

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Teaching rounds : a visual aid to teaching internal medicine pearls on the wards. Team-based oncology care : the pivotal role of oncology navigation. This book discusses how effective navigation requires a team approach to oncology care and should never be considered an "add-on" resource or service. They are the experts on creating team-based programs, which remove the risk of others trying to reinvent the wheel by designing a navigation program from scratch. They also understand the role of effective navigation across the entire continuum of care, and understand and are able to apply other key aspects of navigation, including clinical trial screenings and tumor board coordination and monitoring, as well as measurement using evidence-based navigation metrics, to name but a few.

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It is the only book designed to educate and support anyone developing a new navigation program, or wanting to improve one they have created. As such it offers a guide for cancer centers needing to develop and implement an oncology navigation program; understand and successfully meet and exceed the Commission on Cancer accreditation standards linked to navigation; expand or improve their current navigation program as well as demonstrate its value using reliable measurable results, including patient satisfaction and improved- quality clinical outcomes.

This comprehensive book also provides insights into applying the information presented to the real world of oncology care. Teamwork in medical rehabilitation. TandFonline Historical background -- Teamwork in theory -- Teamwork in practice -- Clinical teamwork -- Team communication -- Examples of team rehabilitation settings -- Concluding discussion. Technical aspects of focal therapy in localized prostate cancer.

Focal therapy is a promising option for selected patients who have localized low or intermediate-risk prostate cancer, providing a compelling alternative between active surveillance and radical therapies by targeting the index lesion and preserving as much tissue as possible. These various ablative techniques have produced only minor side-effects concerning urinary function, a low rate of erectile dysfunction, and have demonstrated a limited rectal toxicity.

As a result, the primary end-point has now shifted and a new strategy needs to be established for patient follow-up and for defining treatment failure. Written by international experts in the field, this book is mainly focused on new techniques, all of which are amply illustrated. Technical Aspects of Focal Therapy in Localized Prostate Cancer will be of great practical value to all urologists and oncologists.

Technical basis of radiation therapy : practical clinical applications. This well-received book, now in its fifth edition, is unique in providing a detailed description of the technological basis of radiation therapy. Another novel feature is the collaborative writing of the chapters by North American and European authors. The book is divided into two sections.

The first covers basic concepts in treatment planning, including essential physics and biological principles related to time-dose-fractionation, and explains the various technological approaches to radiation therapy, such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy, tomotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, and high and low dose rate brachytherapy. Issues relating to quality assurance, technology assessment, and cost-benefit analysis are also reviewed.

The second part of the book discusses in depth the practical clinical applications of the different radiation therapy techniques in a wide range of cancer sites. All of the chapters have been written by leaders in the field. This book will serve to instruct and acquaint teachers, students, and practitioners in the various fields of oncology with the basic technological factors and approaches in radiation therapy.

Technicity vs scientificity. The Technique and practice of psychoanalysis. Technique of organic chemistry.

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Techniques in cartilage repair surgery. Cartilage repair surgery is not only fascinating but also surgically challenging. There are books dealing with basic science and some surgical aspect. This book fills a gap in surgical techniques for cartilage repair. An attempt is made to compare with various surgical techniques.

This book also covers anaesthesia, postoperative follow-up, pain management and rehabilitation. Both the editors and the authors are renowned experts in the field. This book will be invaluable for orthopaedic and sports medicine surgeons consultants and training doctors and is also of potential interest to physiotherapists, medical students, general practitioners, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, and rheumatology specialists. Techniques in epilepsy surgery : the MNI approach. Techniques in gastrointestinal endoscopy. ScienceDirect v. ClinicalKey v. Techniques in hip arthroscopy and joint preservation surgery.

Jon K. Sekiya, Marc Safran, Anil S. Ranawat, and Michael Leunig provide a step-by-step, balanced approach-with contributions from an array of North American and international surgeons-to pre-operative planning, surgical technique, technical pearls, management of complications, and post-operative rehabilitation. Surgical videos on DVD demonstrate techniques such as surgical hip dislocation for femoracetabular impingement and arthroscopic femoral osteoplasty so you can provide your patients with the best possible outcomes.

Grasp the visual nuances of each technique through full-color surgical illustrations and intraoperative photographs. Watch expert surgeons perform cutting edge procedures-such as complex therapeutic hip arthroscopy using a femoral distractor, arhroscopic synovectomy and treatment of synovial disorders, surgical hip dislocation for femoracetabular important, and arthroscopic femoral osteoplasty-on DVD. Find information quickly and easily thanks to the consistent chapter format that includes technical pearls.

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Techniques in revision hip and knee arthroplasty. Techniques in Revision Hip and Knee Arthroplasty is the one authoritative volume that gives you an efficient, problem-based approach to revision arthroplasty of both the hip and knee. Giles Scuderi and other leading experts from North America and Western Europe present their favored surgical procedures and post-surgical management strategies in this straightforward, heavily illustrated, video-intensive reference. It's your one-stop, go-to guide for successful revision surgery for a myriad of complications, such as implant loosening, polyethylene wear, osteolysis, or infection of the hip and knee.

Get expert guidance on implant choice, management of complications including infection and wound healing , and failure of mechanisms, as well as step-by-step surgical techniques. Quickly find the exact information you need with a straightforward "just what you need to know" approach, including surgical tips and pearls. Stay up to date with new insights regarding anatomic landmarks, recommended reconstruction options in revision surgery, including management of bone defects and instability.

Access the fully searchable contents of the book and an abundance of surgical videos online at Expert Consult. Techniques in wrist and hand arthroscopy. Wrist arthroscopy portals -- 2. Trapeziometacarpal and scaphotrapezial arthroscopy portals -- 3. Triangular fibrocartilage tears -- 4. Foveal tears and arthroscopy of the distal radioulnar joint -- 5.

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  7. Logic Synthesis for FSM-Based Control Units: 53 (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering);

Ulnocarpal impaction syndrome and ulnar styloid impaction syndrome -- 6. The role of wrist arthroscopy in scapholunate instability -- 7. Lunotriquetral injuries: Arthroscopic management -- 8. Arthroscopic management of dorsal radiocarpal ligament tears -- 9. The role of arthroscopy in midcarpal instability -- Arthroscopic treatment of scaphoid fractures and nonunions -- Arthroscopic treatment of distal radius fractures -- Arthroscopic treatment of intraarticular malunions of the distal radius -- The role of arthroscopy in perilunate injuries -- Arthroscopic wrist capsulotomy -- Arthroscopy in arthritis -- Arthroscopic wrist ganglionectomy -- Arthroscopic radial styloidectomy -- Arthroscopic partial scaphoidectomy for scaphoid nonunion -- Arthroscopic partial wrist fusions Arthroscopic proximal row carpectomy -- Metacarpophalangeal joint arthroscopy -- Arthroscopic treatment of first metacarpal base fractures -- Arthroscopic reduction and percutaneous fixation of fifth carpometacarpal fracture dislocations Arthroscopic treatment of trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis -- Arthroscopic treatment of scaphotrapeziotrapezoidal osteoarthritis.

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Technological advances in surgery, trauma and critical care. Technological advances in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. Glycemic control -- Home blood glucose monitoring -- Continuous glucose monitoring -- Insulin delivery system -- Closed-loop insulin-delivery system -- Alternatives to insulin injection -- Devices to support treatmtne decisions -- Electronic medical record.