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Are you confident that AdWords Express is all your business really needs? Quick tip: As soon as you complete the account setup process and input your billing information, go ahead and put your campaign on pause while you get acquainted with the AdWords platform. That way you can save your advertising budget until you determine a strategy for how to advertise on Google and grow your small business. The whole point of learning how to advertise on Google and grow your small business is to direct highly qualified leads to your website.

But what happens once they get there? Feel free to rely heavily on the standard AdWords settings while gradually mastering the individual components of a truly customized AdWords strategy. And remember, customized AdWords campaigns can be extremely time consuming!

The Small Business Strategy Guide to Google AdWords

These ad groups give you the opportunity to segment your audience into specific personas based on product or service themes. For example, a bookseller could organize her ad groups by book genre to help her reach the right audience. This next video tutorial from the AdWords team will guide you through the best way to organize your campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads to maximize the potential of your ad groups segmentation.

Your ability to identify the search terms your audience is using and match those to the ads and products they most want to see will make or break the success of your Google advertising campaign. Here are the types of keywords you should know about:. This keywording feature might sound unnecessarily technical, but it has the potential to be a very powerful part of your keywording strategy.

The very best way to learn how keywords work and choose the right keywords for your Google ads is by experimenting with the AdWords Keyword Planner. Want to learn even more about maximizing your AdWords keywording power?

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This ad follows a clear, standardized format with three components:. Active verbs and specific sale or discount language are other great tools to make your ad stand out.

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Quick tip: Finding the right language for your ads is a lot like using the scientific method—you just have to try some things out and see what works! The AdWords algorithm automatically defers to the highest performing ad within each group to help you maximize performance.

Google Adwords For Small Business: The Definitive Guide | Ads Triangle Blog

Two components determine the financial parameters of your Google AdWords campaign: your bid and your budget. Through this system, the strength of your bid—along with the relevance of your ads and keywords—determines where your ad is shown on the search-engine results page. Location targeting helps your ads appear higher on the results page at a lower cost and saves you from paying for clicks from faraway customers. Follow the steps in this AdWords tutorial to target your ads by geographic location.

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After all, if a customer sees your ad online and decides to call or stop by, you want to be sure someone is available to help them! This quick tutorial from AdWords explains how to create a schedule for your ads on Google. Are you hooked on AdWords? Have you run out of time, energy, or expertise to further improve your AdWords campaigns?

The Google Partners directory is a great place to search for a certified professional or agency that can help you achieve your Google advertising goals. In the directory, you can filter qualified third-party professionals by service need, location, and monthly advertising budget to find your perfect professional match. Most agencies calculate their fees as a percentage of your monthly ad spend, so the price of services will correlate to your total ad budget. You made it! Smart campaigns help her promote special offers, get calls from her ads, and keep her classes full.

How to Advertise on Google

Images help your products or services stand out, and later this year we will launch Image Picker, making it easier for you to showcase what makes your business unique. Pick the top three images from our suggestions or upload your own, and your ads will be ready to go. Customers often tell him how they found his ads while they were searching for local wood-smoked barbecue or pit-to-plate dining events. Small businesses run on passion and hard work, and they constantly inspire us to make it easier to advertise on Google and succeed online.

The Keyword. Small Business Google Ads, helping small businesses do more. Google Ads, helping small businesses do more.

Kim Spalding. Get the results you care about For 90 percent of small business owners, the main goal of advertising online is to get customers to call, visit a store, or make a purchase. Stand out from the competition Images help your products or services stand out, and later this year we will launch Image Picker, making it easier for you to showcase what makes your business unique.